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About Our Clinic


At Maui Lani Veterinary Hospital, our state-of-the-art technology and decades of accrued experience allow us to deliver a standard of truly excellent care, delivered with a personalized, compassionate touch that makes all the difference when it comes to putting your pet at ease.

Our veterinary hospital is absolutely thrilled to deliver a wide range of veterinary services; ranging from routine diagnostics and wellness checkups, to precise surgical and critical care solutions and more.

Our veterinary facility also offers in-house blood work to drastically reduce processing times, while offering pet boarding, ultrasounds, vaccinations, surgical procedures, digital X-rays and much more. We believe that access to excellent veterinary services is key to maintaining excellent veterinary health, so we deliver on that promise each and every time that you visit!

We provide veterinary care for the pet owners in Kahului , Wailuku, Kihei, Pukalani, Makawao, Lahaina, Wailea, and Hana.

For a comprehensive list of our current service offerings, please see below:

General Care & Wellness

It’s important to have your pet’s health evaluated on at least an annual basis, so that we can achieve insight into your pet’s general health and well-being. We also encourage you to visit our veterinary hospital regularly so that we can achieve a baseline evaluation of your pet’s health and set goals for optimizing the health of your pet into the foreseeable future.

Visiting us regularly allows us to detect potential conditions that can become severe problems down the road, if left unattended. These issues include heart disease, dental disease, cataracts, diabetes, arthritis, spinal issues and much more. General wellness visits work hand in hand with our approach to preventative care, making sure that your pet is strong, healthy and equipped for a long lifespan.

Even if your pet is currently in good health, bringing your pet in to see Dr. Weeks allows us to ensure that there are no hidden issues and that your pet is on the road to a long and happy life! We’re proud to provide general care services for pets from across Maui and meeting your pet soon helps to ensure that we can create the framework for a long and prosperous future for your pet.

If you haven’t stopped by yet, we hope that you’ll visit soon or call us to schedule your next appointment.

Preventative Care

Pet owners often forget that when a pet is already in optimal health or recovering from an existing issue, it’s an ideal time to focus on preventative care. Preventative care solutions can range from dietary suggestions to vaccinations and dental care solutions that can provide health benefits for your pet both now and well into the future!

At Maui Lani Veterinary Hospital, we believe strongly in finding lasting solutions that will benefit the health of your pet and we encourage you to visit us to learn more about our preventative care solutions. Taking the right approach to preventative care can help you to ensure that your pet is squared away with vaccinations and on the road to a long and healthy life.

A healthy pet is a happy pet and a clean bill of health is only a visit away!


At Maui Lani Veterinary Hospital, we’re proud of our state-of-the-art technology, which allows us to gain incredible insight into the overall health and well-being of your pet.

Ultrasounds often prove to be one of the most useful tools within advanced veterinary medicine, allowing us to see internal images and inner-workings of your pet that would otherwise be impossible!

Unlike X-rays, ultrasonography does not use radiation and is entirely non-invasive. This makes it a painless way to evaluate and diagnose a wide range of potentially harmful medical issues, before they become problematic. If you have any questions about our ultrasounds or other approaches to comprehensive pet care, we hope that you’ll get in touch soon! We’re more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Pet Boarding

We’re proud to offer pet boarding for pet owners who may be traveling or otherwise unable to care for their pet for a specific duration of time.

At Maui Lani Veterinary Hospital, your pet will enjoy lush, grassy yards to play in, comfortable kennels with advanced technology to prevent potential health issues and specialized attention throughout their stay.

Our exceptional approach to pet care, accompanied with a personalized touch, ensures that your pet will have a fantastic time while you’re away and will be provided with absolutely everything that they need for a happy and healthy stay.

Critical Care

We are proud to possess a level of technology and the extensive veterinary expertise required to offer care even in dire or critical situations. In cases of critical care, when your pet needs the absolute most attentive, precise care available, Maui Lani is proud to offer critical care capabilities during our normal hours of operation.

Our veterinary hospital comes equipped with a temperature controlled oxygen unit for critical care patients and IV pumps that can administer the proper medications both day and night. These capabilities ensure that we can manage care and control an environment even in the most sensitive conditions. With a level of comprehensive veterinary expertise and state-of-the-art solutions, we’re proud to provide critical care to your pet when they need it most.


Dental care can be an extremely important and frequently overlooked component of comprehensive pet care. We encourage that our clients brush their pet’s teeth regularly, and also administer dental chews alongside other commonly practiced preventative dental techniques. We are proud to recommend special dental-conscious diets on an as-needed basis as well.

We also offer a thorough cleaning and evaluation when your pet needs a more intensive level of dental care. Additionally, there may be times when your pet requires more intensive dental treatment. This might occur for periodontal and gum disease, a fractured tooth, tooth root abscess or even an extraction.

Whether your pet has a dental need that’s big or small, Maui Lani Veterinary Hospital is proud to have both the tools and the expertise to deliver exceptional care and ensure that your pet maintains optimal dental health. If you have a question about our dentistry pricing or range of common procedures, we hope that you’ll get in touch with us directly.

Keep your pet smiling by maintaining their oral care!  


When it comes to preventative care, vaccinations play a crucial role in making sure that your pet is equipped to tackle anything that may come their way! We make sure to tailor our approach to pet care and vaccinations directly to your pet’s individual situation and lifestyle, while adhering to the most up-to-date vaccination protocols available in veterinary medicine.

If your pet has yet to be vaccinated or if you have any questions regarding the history of your pet and previously administered vaccinations, feel free to reach out to us today. We’ll work to understand your pet’s current health and evaluate what vaccinations might be needed to ensure that they stay both happy and healthy well into the future!


Our surgical capabilities are yet another way that we stand out at Maui Lani Veterinary Hospital. From routine spays and neuters to far more complicated medical procedures, our advanced approach to diagnostics and state-of-the-art veterinary hospital allows us to deliver acute, surgical solutions that ensure the overall health of your pet!

Discussing your options with Dr. Weeks and our veterinary team will help you to discover which solutions and approaches might be right for your pet. To discuss an upcoming surgery or to gain more insight into our approach and evaluation of your pet, be sure to contact us directly.

Digital X-ray

Modern advancements in radiology allows our veterinary team to obtain high-definition X-rays that can be profoundly helpful when diagnosing a wide range of veterinary issues or ailments.

When a specific issue requires more insight than can be obtained through a routine physical examination, digital X-rays and radiology allow us to achieve deep insights toward the overall health and medical conditions of your pet.  Our use of digital X-rays creates advanced, detailed images which require fewer X-rays and exposes your pet to less radiation in the process. If you feel that your pet could benefit from a digital X-ray, we hope that you’ll contact us soon.

In-House Diagnostics

Maui Lani Veterinary Hospital is proud to maintain an in-house laboratory, allowing us to run extensive tests and analysis on-site and without the burden of extensive turnaround times. This capability saves you time and ensures that our veterinary team has access to everything that we may need to diagnose and approach the health of your pet both rapidly and efficiently. Additionally, our approach to blood work and urinalysis rivals the most comprehensive analysis and quickest turnaround in the veterinary industry, rendering more detailed results with faster turnarounds for profound insight into the health of your pet.

If you have any questions regarding our in-house diagnostics or any of our other services, we encourage you to send us a message via email or call us during operating hours at 808-868-2552.

We thank you for choosing us at Maui Lani Veterinary Hospital and are thrilled to deliver exceptional service and care to your pet!